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1 hour 35 min
About the film

In the plot of the crime Thriller with elements of fantasy "Loop" a young guy Adam makes a living selling drugs. Another job from the boss to ferry expensive party, Adam decides to turn on its own and pick up the goods yourself and then run away with his lover Anna. But an unplanned pregnancy disrupts the girls laid plans of Adam, as Anna categorically against to leave and continue her life in constant fear. A far greater tragedy for man is only the death of his beloved, which was hit by a car.

Shocked Adam can't find a place for himself, and soon begins to notice strange things. The tragedy has broken the passage of time and Adam was trapped in a time loop, where again and again the events of the last few hours. Now Adam has a chance to correct their mistakes and to save Anna, to start life with a clean slate, peaceful and happy life you always dreamed of Anna. ©

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  • APR 27,

    Hungary -not bad. :idea: The color style of the film supports the singularity. Generally that's a good analogy with reality, where the time loop is our entire life. I do not have time to fix it-move on to the next life. 8)
    But the best movie with Tom cruise “edge of tomorrow”-on the subject of time loops.

  • 25 APR

    This sucks + voice = 1 out of 10

  • 24 APR

    I like these movies, but this is total bullshit!!!

  • 24 APR

    interesting movie, intriguing, good plot, interesting set. and how did those superimposed on each other loop! well, just ice.

  • 24 APR

    great movie

  • 23 APR

    Good movie, really about the relationship, but the intrigue of a temporary collapse addictive

  • 23 APR

    The film is good. Though the ending is a bit silly. This movie has a predecessor which is much steeper than the movie “triangle” in 2009.

  • 22 APR

    For everybody. I liked

  • 22 APR

    removal of the brain.....

  • 22 APR

    the ending I did not understand, but liked the movie

  • 20 APR

    [bleep] like rewound and watched at first, but the end is not present

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